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Is Obamacare affordable for you?

According to an HHS study, Arkansans will face the third-highest premiums in the nation – with the average low-cost plan costing $275 a month – and that only covers 60% of your medical expenses! Calculate your coverage costs by using our calculator. Then tell us your story about how Obamacare is affecting your insurance.

Insurance “Rate Shock”.

Healthcare reform was sold to the American public with an oft-repeated talking point: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” We are now finding out that millions of hardworking American families are having their insurance plans canceled and are being forced to shop for health insurance on the new Obamacare health exchanges.

The website is a disaster in and of itself. But, even those who are able to finally log on to the broken and costly government website find their choices are limited and more expensive.

Middle class families will suffer the most with a “double-whammy” under Obamacare - higher insurance premiums and smaller paychecks (due to the 21 new taxes in the law).

Good news or bad news?

Get a raise, get married or get a promotion at work? These happy life changes can be bad news when it comes to Obamacare premiums. Changes in your life could end up costing you thousands more and making healthcare difficult to afford.

Facts you should know

Obamacare Exchanges Carry Risks

The Obamacare tax credits, or “premium subsidies” as many refer to them, carry significant financial risk. While they have been sold on the concept of keeping ‘out-of-pocket’ costs low, they could wind up costing you thousands. Read the report here.

Obamacare Hurts Arkansas

A report from the Obama administration shows Arkansans face the third-highest insurance premium costs on the exchange in the nation – in some circumstances individuals face a "633% increase in premiums!

Uninsuring the Insured

Despite promises to the contrary, millions are set to lose coverage because of the mandatory Obamacare changes to health insurance plans across the country. Arkansans aren’t insulated from this dramatic departure from what we were promised.

Arkansas Embraced Obamacare

Despite what many in the Arkansas Legislature have said, the so-called ‘Private Option’ did nothing to shield us from the worst parts of Obamacare. Arkansas is facing billions in new spending and healthcare costs rising faster than incomes.

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How does Obamacare impact your healthcare cost in Arkansas?

Use this easy-to-use calculator to see an estimate of health insurance premium costs for you and your family under Obamacare in Arkansas.

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